This is a private X11 Florijncoin | FLRN miningpool, you can only join after permission of the poolmaster and after doing a Know you Miner check-up (KYM) The poolmaster takes care of the pool payments:
  Hello, welcome at the Florijncoin Mining Pool, everyone who joins this pool, knows that we are not listed at an exchange yet, you can join the pool only at your own risk after doing a Know your Customer (KYC). Florijncoin will get a real value as soon as we are listed at a third-party exchanges, where it will get its coin value by supply and demand. NOTE: We will never pay you for your Florijncoin and you can only join if you accept our Terms and Conditions! See for question e-mail If u need a FLRN wallet please download a free ELLIPAL mobile wallet in the Apple or Google Play store and add FLRN. Florijncoin 2019 - 2021.
  Welcome at Florijncoin Pool.

 Getting Started Guide

 Getting Started Guide

1. Create account.

  • Register here, or login if you already have an account
  • Create a worker that will be used by the miner to login

2. Download a miner.

3. Configure your miner.

    If you are using Linux, then type the following into the console:

  • CGMiner
  • ./cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword
  • BFGMiner
  • ./bfgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

    If you want to mine on a Windows Operating System, then you'll need to create a batch file to start your miner.

    Simply open notepad and then copy and paste the following:

  • CGMiner
  • cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword
  • BFGMiner
  • bfgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword
  • MinerD
  • minerd -a -t 6 -s 4 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

    You then need to change "-u Weblogin.Worker -p Worker password" to reflect your account. Eg, "-u Steve.StevesWorker -p StevesWorkerPassword" then go to "File > Save as" and save the file as "RunMe.bat" in the same folder containing your miners application files. You are now ready to mine, double click on "RunMe.bat" to start mining. If you want, you can create additional workers with usernames and passwords of your choice here

4. Create a Florijncoin address to receive payments.

  • Downloading the client & block chain: Download the Florijncoin client from here.

    Generate a new address and input it on your account page to receive payments.